Three new types of flooring: LVT flooring /SPC flooring /WPC flooring


The flooring industry has developed very rapidly in the last decade, and new flooring has been emerging, such as LVT flooring, WPC wood-plastic flooring and SPC stone plastic flooring. Here is a look at the difference between these three new flooring types.

First, LVT floor

1. LVT floor structure: the internal structure of LVT floor generally includes UV paint layer, wear-resistant layer, color film layer and LVT substrate layer. Generally, the substrate is three layers of LVT composite together. In order to improve the dimensional stability of the floor, the customer will ask the factory to add fiberglass mesh to the middle bottom layer to reduce the deformation of the floor due to temperature changes.

2, THE main components of LVT floor: PVC resin, stone powder, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, modifier, carbon black, etc., mainly PVC resin and stone powder.

3. LVT floor production technology: the biggest characteristic of its production technology is the production of LVT sheet of each layer, generally using "close refining + calending" method processing thickness 0.8~1.5mm sheet, and then through the group of blank, hot pressing method made floor finished product requirements of the thickness.

Second, WPC floor

1. Structure of WPC floor: as shown in the figure, WPC floor includes paint layer, wear-resistant layer, color film layer, LVT layer and WPC base material layer.

2. Composition of WPC floor: the main composition of WPC floor is similar to THAT of LVT floor. The biggest difference is that foaming agent is added to WPC material, which makes the floor lighter in weight and better in foot feeling.

3. WPC floor production process: It can be seen from the product structure drawing that WPC floor is a composite floor including LVT and WPC substrate. The technological process is that the LVT floor of single layer structure is made first, and then the WPC base material extruded is pressed and molded by adhesive. The adhesive is polyurethane cold-pressed adhesive.

Three, SPC floor

1, THE structure of SPC floor: currently the SPC floor on the market includes three types, online laminating single layer SPC floor, LVT and SPC composite AB structure and ABA structure SPC composite floor, as shown in the figure below.

2, the main ingredients of SPC floor: the same is PVC floor products, the main raw materials are basically the same type, and LVT floor is different, SPC floor substrate in the production process added lubricant, in order to more smoothly complete extrusion.

3, SPC floor production process: similar to WPC floor substrate, SPC substrate is extruded and calended into sheet plate by extruding machine, and then paste color film and wear resistant layer on the surface. If it is THE SPC composite floor of AB or ABA structure, the SPC base material is extruded first, and the LVT layer is pressed by the way of group billet composite.

The above is the difference between LVT floor, WPC floor and SPC floor. These three new floors are actually derivatives of PVC floor. As a result of material special, these 3 kinds of new-style floor are applied more extensively compared with wooden floor, be in Euramerican market is widespread, domestic market still remains to be popularized.