What should be paid attention to when filling calcium carbonate base material for granulation

Chemistry from the perspective of calcium carbonate is a kind of inorganic material and rich in resources, from the microcosmic point of view it as a six-party and box body, more for crystallization granule, many relatively high whiteness and liquid calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate is extremely simple, so it is widely used in filling modified plastics, the following will introduce you to what factors have influence on calcium carbonate filler masterbatch.


One, calcium carbonate content

This is a professional calcium carbonate filler masterbatch is the most important factor, but has fixed the technical index of calcium carbonate, overall filler masterbatch for its content is relatively high, its processing and performance stability is proportional to the content of calcium carbonate relations, so in order to avoid filler masterbatch in use, prevent nonmetal impurity content is exorbitant, should grasp the content of calcium carbonate, But also to prevent the mixing of other impurities, so that the product appears black spots.

Two, calcium carbonate whiteness

In many cases, it is found that the whiteness and coloration of the filling master material are very bad, which is mainly because of the direct influence of the whiteness of calcium carbonate on it. Because of the extremely strict regulations on the whiteness of calcium carbonate in the master material industry, and the production of modified master material manufacturers for decades, there are extremely delicate whiteness requirements. Generally, there are fixed detection instruments for whiteness detection. If there is no detection instrument, the naked eye can not distinguish the whiteness of the product, and only the same formula granulation can distinguish the whiteness of calcium carbonate.

Three, calcium carbonate water

First of all, we analyze the raw materials of calcium carbonate. The raw materials of calcium carbonate with good quality are mostly calcite and natural marble, so there is no moisture. But after a series of processing procedures, from large solid into powder powder, plus storage, handling and other processes of moisture absorption more, and part of the trace volatile in which generated, once the volatile too high will have a greater impact on the modified master material. Therefore, it is necessary to detect moisture content or it will cause the stability of product quality.

Therefore, according to the introduction of haihao xiaobian above, if we want to grasp the quality of calcium carbonate filler plastic, we should first control the raw materials, and then pay more attention to the processing technology. In addition to the above main factors, including particle size distribution and particle shape of calcium carbonate will also have a certain influence on it. For example, "particle shape" may affect the mechanical properties of modified master plastic products.