Introduction of different forms of hot melt adhesive products

Hot melt adhesive as a synthetic adhesive, now more and more attention, because of the hot melt adhesive itself has a fresh vitality. Hot melt adhesive according to the form of multiple products, their characteristics and use are not quite the same. Today I will give you a brief introduction.


Hot melt colloidal particles are a relatively basic form of hot melt adhesive, and are often used as raw materials for manufacturing other forms of hot melt adhesive, or directly coated with glue after melting. Hot melt colloidal particles are generally prepared by hot melt adhesive, through the granulation mechanism. Granulator process is not the same, the shape of the particles will be different.


Hot melt adhesive block is also one of the forms of hot melt adhesive products. When used, it is generally melted into liquid state in the furnace and directly coated on the surface of the adhesive by the machine. Different from hot melt colloidal particles, it generally does not make other forms of hot melt products of raw materials.


Hot melt powder is also a kind of hot melt adhesive products, it is mainly applied to the lining of clothing, the lining fabric and fabric composite together, after the lining composite fabric is not easy to fold, so as to bring straight upper body effect for clothing.


   Hot melt glue stick is the most people contact, the most familiar hot melt glue products, because it belongs to a hot melt glue finished product, is often used as a family adhesive, is also a sharp tool in the hands of manual enthusiasts. The standard use method of hot melt glue rod is to use with the help of hot melt glue gun. When heated to a certain temperature, the head of the glue rod is melted into liquid, and then the coating can be rolled out from the glue gun.


Hot melt adhesive film is now more and more concerned about a hot melt adhesive products, also belongs to a hot melt adhesive product. Hot melt film with or without base material and base material points. At present, hot melt film is mainly used in clothing, shoe material, home decoration, automobile, electronics, packaging and other fields. In addition, more and more industries are trying to use hot melt film products to replace traditional adhesives.

The above is some of the most common forms of hot melt adhesive products introduced by Haihao, we should have some understanding. In addition, there are hot melt adhesive line, hot melt strip, hot melt film and so on different forms, they also have some special application scenarios, do not know what hot melt adhesive products you use.