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Q1: What is polyethylene wax (PE wax)

A: Polyethylene Wax (PE wax), also known as high molecular wax, referred to as   polyethylene wax. It is widely used due to its excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance and wear resistance. In normal production, it can be directly added to the polyolefin processing as an additive, and can increase the gloss and processing properties of the product. As a lubricant, its chemical properties are stable and electrically   good.

Q2: Which industries are polyethylene wax used in and what is its functions?

A: Color masterbatch (dispersion, lubrication, brightness) PVC profile/pipe/sheet ( high efficiency external lubricant) Composite stabilizers (improve dispersion performance,prevent dust) hot melt adhesive (improve heat resistance, viscosity adjustment )   Hot-melt road marking coating/road marking paint (improve heat resistance, viscosity   adjustment) rubber (improve processing, carbon dispersant) cable material (increasing filling, high efficiency extrusion) ink (antisettling, glossy, abrasion resistance) Filling

masterbatch (improve heat resistance, gelling agent, transparency) candles   (increasing hardness, gloss and abrasion resistance) plastic additives (improve moisture, demoulding, better dispersion)

Q3: What are the product advantages of Haihao polyethylene wax?

A: Stable product supply, high purity, good whiteness and brightness, no oil, no water, no fluorescent whitening agent and oligomer.

Softening point 100~115℃, high hardness, small amount of product addition,excellent lubrication and dispersion performance, the final product brightness is good, easy demoulding.

We promise never to carry out secondary processing, it can meet environmental   protection standards, no pollution to the environment during processing, no irritating smell,   in line with SGS environmental protection standards.